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  • Creative Marketing Materials
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  • Creative Marketing Materials
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  • Creative Marketing Materials
  • Creative Marketing Materials
  • Creative Marketing Materials

What we can do for you:

Visual Identity Systems / Logo Design

Let us get your logo, wordmark, or visual identity system up to speed. Letterhead, business cards, email design—we will help you get to a fresh, memorable and timeless look for your marketing so that you can effortlessly stand out with authority amongst all your counterparts.

Print Media

We take pride in the delivery of bold and memorable print pieces by collaborating with you from the ground up. Through multi-channel strategies in creativity, sourcing and specialized production, we help you acquire new prospects as well as encourage the loyalty of your current customers.

Website Design & Production

We work with you to design and develop a cutting-edge website which delivers premium value to your target audience through a smooth, user-friendly experience. Using the latest design techniques and sophisticated code, we create for you an attractive web interface with responsive desktop and mobile experiences.

Website Security

Starting from high-end SSL and TSL encryption protocols, we will provide your company with real time web protection by upholding the highest online security standards. Through the use of layered security, we diversify and deepen your site’s protection ahead of any potential threats with speed and precision.

Character Illustration

Do you have a project which requires as special touch of creative illustration? We will create a digital impression from the essence of your ideas, to bring them to life in a unique and inspiring visual capacity. Allow us to transform your big ideas into high quality creations with great character.

3D Modeling / rendering

Using strategic digital innovations, we generate life-like animations and renders of realistic 3D assets for you. We are specialists in making your ideas and thoughts an artistic reality that can be viewed from multiple angles using revolutionary 3D Animation techniques for a high-quality representation of your projects.

Steps in Our Works

Our process on creating awesome projects.


We learn about your business.


Using our research, we brainstorm ideas.


From those ideas, we solidify solutions.

Finalize Product

Through collaboration with you, we perfect the final product.

About Wood & Co.

The best of the best, with exceptional quality control.

Creative Marketing Materials

Who is behind all this?

Wood & Co. evolved from my previous sole proprietorship Sean Wood Designs. No single person is amazing at everything. That's just a fact of life. When professionals bring different sets expertise to one table, to one project, that's when excellence is created.

As the old Japanese adage goes “none of us is as smart as all of us!” I've hand-picked talent from around the world, each one having a specialty, to collaborate and deliver simply stellar final marketing design solutions for our clients."

My experience as a graphic designer in the corporate world, and as a business owner, will ensure our deliverables exceed your expectations for the prosperity of your business. Excellent work begins with the process of digging into your project requirements, making sure we look at the problem from all perspectives, and then designing solutions which will work best for you, to boost your revenue. A logo, wordmark, identity package and a website; all these aspects shape how the potential or existing customer perceives your company. So, it is quite crucial that you make a great impression from the word go!

Meet the Team

Here are a few of the people that will come together to get the job done.

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